Reflection Time ON SALE!

$ 20.00

ON SALE Was 24.99    now- $20.00

1-Stone (ceramic) tealight holder. 5x3x1.75high.
12-Tealight candles.
1-Clear reusable polycarbonate cup.
To be inserted in the stone like structure.

Typically, stones signify strength, patience, comfort, solidity and stability. Our stone design feature is made of clay from the earth. This stone shape tealight holder is designed to hold 1 clear polycarbonate cup that will hold 1 tealight candle. The combination of stone and glow from a candle perfectly says “meditation or reflection.”  What a perfect gift to share with a friend, client, or teacher. With the stone representing strength and the warm nurturing glow of the candle, this combination makes a compassionate and relaxing gift. Truly a rock-solid gift.


Our high-quality candles are individually handcrafted and from beeswax from hard working USA Bees! In an effort to keep these candles eco-friendly, we use natural cotton wicks and 100% Pure Beeswax with no additives.

Health benefits: Non-toxic and non-Carcinogenic

Negative Ions: emits wonderful air-cleaning ions that combat things like dust, odors and No Black Soot!

Bloom: is a white dusty coating, similar to what blueberries get, and that over time will cover the surface of your candle. This is a good thing because it proves that your candle is absolutely 100% pure beeswax. You can remove bloom by wiping your candle with a soft cloth.

100% beeswax will naturally crack after the wax pool dries and may crack, which does not hurt the integrity of the candle.

Safety: Keep wick trimmed to ¼ inch.

Burn candles in a container suitable for candles.

Do not move candle while burning or when wax is hot.

Keep lit candle within site and out of reach of children or pets.

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