Pillars of the Community

$ 39.99

Set of 3 - 3x3” Beeswax Candles Burn time each approximately 45 hours.

These candles are the pillars for every candle-loving household. Our high-quality candles are individually handcrafted and from beeswax from hard working USA Bees! In an effort to keep these candles eco-friendly, we use natural cotton wicks and 100% Pure Beeswax with no additives. These beautiful, beeswax candles burn perfectly to the end, giving off a warm inviting glow and a subtle natural aroma of hints of honey.


Health benefits: Non-toxic and non-Carcinogenic

Negative Ions: emits wonderful air-cleaning ions that combat things like dust, odors and No Black Soot!

Bloom is a white dusty coating, similar to what blueberries get, and that over time will cover the surface of your candle. This is a good thing because it proves that your candle is absolutely 100% pure beeswax. You can remove bloom by wiping your candle with a soft cloth.

100% beeswax will naturally crack after the wax pool drys and may crack, which does not hurt the integrity of the candle.

Safety: Keep wick trimmed to ¼ inch.

Burn candles in a container suitable for candles.

Do not move candle while burning or when wax is hot.

Keep lit candle within site and out of reach of children or pets.

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