Paw Balm_ For Our Fur Babies!

$ 10.00

Soothe and protect your pet’s sensitive skin with Fleur de lis Bees – It’s Totally Paw-some Paw Balm! Just like your lips and hands can get chapped, so can your dog's nose and paw pads. If left untreated, these painful conditions may become infected. Paw pads are also susceptible to being damaged by the ice and snow, hot and cold surfaces, sand, salt, and dry air.

To the rescue! Fleur de lis Bees – It’s Totally Paw-some Paw Balm! With Mother Nature’s best protective shield of beeswax plus the healing properties organic Shea Butter, Hemp Oil and other oils plus the nutrients of vitamin E, our moisturizing formula not only protects but also soothes cracked pads and paws.

How to use:
Each Paw Balm is individually wrapped. Unwrap the take a paw balm and massage thoroughly and let the wax, butter and oils soak in. This creates a soothing wax barrier between your dog's paw/pads and the harsh elements.

Be sure to store in cool place to keep the balm moist and happy!

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