Moisturizing Lotion in a Tube_The Zen Collection

$ 20.00

Indulge your skin with our Lotion in a Tube. Yep - This is a solid bar of lotion, in a tube! Our signature formula is made with Mother Nature’s finest Shea and Mango Butter, plus we incorporate moisturizing benefits of Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Beeswax.

The feel is creamy and luxurious; it soaks in readily and starts working immediately. Over and over again, we receive compliments on how our Solid Lotions have helped the most dried, cracked heals. Absolutely, a winner when it comes to conditioning, and rehydrating thirsty skin.

Instructions: Our solid lotions are in these really cool convenient dials up tubes making applying the lotion very convenient. Apply and gently massaged into the skin and warmth from your skin helps release a layer of lotion. 

Share with others: These tubes are too cute! How cool is it quickly tuck them away in to your handbag, gym bag and your test draw. Perfect for on the go people.

Zen Collection: A trio perfect skin solution to soothe moisturizes, protect and rejuvenate.

Coconut Lime: a fresh and uplifting aroma freshly zested lime_a blend of citrus essential oils and fragrance oils.

Lavender: Lotion loaded with beautiful lavender essential oil, a totally full floral bouquet. Clean, fresh, and calming.

Natural Unscented: no added fragrance. Simply the natural slight aroma of the butters, oils and beeswax.

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